Your guide to outdoor adventures on lakes, streams and trails in Eastern North America begins here. About 36 years ago our founder rescued Kermit from a neighbor's trashcan. Since then, Kermit and his friends have been riding along on many wilderness excursions. Come join us. You may simply enjoy following our adventures or find valuable resources for putting together an adventure of your own. To bookmark this page and display the KA icon click on  -

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Kermit and his pals on the Spanish River
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Bears Fear of bears keeps many people from enjoying the wilderness experience. Perhaps some truth will help to overcome irrational emotions. Go to our Tips & Facts page.
Cold water exposure can be deadly. Get the facts to protect yourself and others whether you are winter canoeing or fishing for trout in the spring. 

Green is Good
Kermit says:
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From Dillon Wallace in "The Long Labrador Trail"
You who have smelled the camp fire smoke; who have drunk in the pure forest air, laden with the smell of the fir tree; who have dipped your paddle into untamed waters, or climbed mountains, with the knowledge that none but the red man has been there before you; or have, perchance, had to fight the wilds and nature for your very existence; you of the wilderness brotherhood can understand how the fever of exploration gets into one's blood and draws one back again to the forests and the barrens in spite of resolutions to "go no more."

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Kermarita Recipe

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