Algonquin Maps  
Maps are an absolute must have for park interior paddling. Click on the link above to purchase the official map. It is loaded with information and all the maps you will need. Read all the information printed on the map.

Also, you can also download the most detailed and updated map created by an Algonquin Park user, Jeff McMurtrie, by going to Jeffry's website.  If you want a book of Jeff's map in permanent printed form you can order them from Jeff's site or from Algonquin 
Weather in Algonquin Park 
Get the current weather and forecasts.
Algonquin Park 
The official Algonquin Park site with links to local services in the area.
Canadian Canoe Routes  
Kermit can only dream of having a site like this. Excellent wilderness forum. Excellent news and information on Canadian canoeing. Very active forum.
Algonquin Adventures 
A premier website dedicated to canoeing adventures in Algonquin Provincial Park. Has good forum on Algonquin paddling.
Other great sites to add to your wilderness experience.
It is my pleasure to recommend to you Omni Hotels for your traveling pleasure when you can't find a place to camp near the water.

Algonquin Outfitters
Algonquin Outfitters offers park information, complete outfitting, gear sales, canoe rental, and guided trips for Algonquin Park.
Bears I have witnessed much emotional turmoil about encountering bears in the wilderness. Get the facts here.
Erhard's Canoeing Pages 
This is an excellent resource on Canadian Canoeing with additional side trips along the Spanish River. 
Ancient Forest
This site is dedicated to forest appreciation and preservation but has maps and wilderness trip reports. It is worth checking this site for trips in Algoma Highlands, Temagami, and the lower Spanish River in Ontario, Canada.
Woody's Backcountry 
Woody’s Tripping in a Stripper. Plans for building wooden strip canoes, trip resources, pictures and similar links.
British Columbia Camping
This site promotes camping in Canadian British Columbia. It is an excellent resource for camp grounds as well as modern accommodations.
Mark's Algonquin Park Sampler 
Mark Rubino's personal trip-log site, dedicated to canoeing in Algonquin Park, complete with links to all things Algonquin.
Goldseekers, Canoe Outfitting & Wilderness Expeditions 
The ultimate wilderness experience in the Northwestern frontier of Ontario. Explore places known only to a privileged few. (See Kermit's Red Lake trip report).
African Safari I just felt compelled to link to this commercial travel site for those like me that would love to take one of these Safaries.
Algonquin Provincial Park
Other Canadian Sites
Gear, Outfitters and General Information
Other Canoe Camping Sites
Quiet Journey 
Wilderness canoe camping in Quetico Park and the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness.
This team is the first to retrace the route of Leonides Hubbard across Labrador in 2003. A detailed trip description and pictures following the Hubbard route.
Bob & Dianna McElory   Personal web page with Bush Log exellent photos in Ontario and  Algonquin Park.
Don't miss the links to internet sites and downloadable stories on Kermit's READINGS page.
Maddy the Goose 
About canoe tripping and sharing experiences and knowledge picked up along the way. Food planning, useful knots, trip reports.
Courtesy of Kermit

Appalachian Trail Kermit is a fan of the AT and provides this convenient link for all the information about this 2,178 mile long path between Maine and Georgia.

Camping World This US supplier of RV sales, rentals, parts, supplies and accessories has a very comprehensive listing of products under Camping & Tailgating. You will be amazed at what you may not have considered but will find very useful in your outdoor activities.
Aurora Forecast Center  The is the forecast and activity chart for aurora borealis using data supplied by the NOAA/NWS orbiting satellite.
Winter in the Park
Cross-country ski trip through Algonquin Park posted by Bob Hilscher, January 2013. Great pictures and videos of the snow and wildlife.
Canoe Outpost - Peace River
Located near Arcadia, Florida, this outfitter provides transportation, campgrounds, canoes and kayaks for a tranquil paddle on the beautiful Peace River. 
Lehigh River  The ultimate white water river for open canoes and the ultimate river guide website. This is Kermit's favorite whitewater river that has regularly scheduled releases. See site for details.
Canoe Stories Excellent site of canoe trips and pictures including the Woodland Caribou Wilderness.
Northern Forest Canoe Trails
This site promotes paddling 740 miles of lakes and rivers from New York to Maine. The site has maps and resources for this historic non-wilderness route in Northeastern United States.