Selected Reading
Yeah, sure. You are surprised that a frog can read a book without pictures. But everybody should know Kermit is no ordinary frog. There is so much enjoyment in taking an adventure by reading, especially in the off-season or if for any reason you are unable to traverse the wilderness on your own. I hope you find enjoyment in the suggested readings below. After having my interest pricked I went to the internet, a marvelous means to do personal research on topics found in these books. In one case I was able to find an unpublished book posted on the internet. Other books are available for downloading free of charge. The internet allows you to go on your own research journey.
Historic Reading

Undaunted Courage - Stephen Ambrose
Topic: Lewis and Clark Expeditoin
This book tells of the Louis and Clark Expedition across the Western frontier of America. I found it a fascinating book of determination and endurance overcoming tremendous odds. This is a keystone of American History. You may also want to read Bird Woman, "Sacagawea's Own Story" by James Willard Schultz.


Adventure Resource Book

Dead Reckoning - Helen Whybrow
Topic: Nineteenth Century Exploration
This is my source book. Helen put together a collection of excerpts from books of first time explorations, with tales of sailing the high seas, exploring the Northwest Passage, climbing mountains, crossing the Australian continent, canoeing the Labrador wilderness, even bicycling across China. Being fascinated by the Hubbard expedition through Labrador I did additional research and have posted some links below that give the complete story as well as follow-up expeditions.

Labrador Collection

The Lure of the Labrador Wild - Dillon Wallace
The story of the Hubbard expedition into the unmapped territory of Labrador in 1903. Enduring extreme hardship and starvation.
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The Long Labrador Trail - Dillon Wallace
Wallace's return to Labrador in 1905 to complete the failed expedition 2 years earlier.
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A Woman's Way Through Unknown Labrador - Mina Hubbard
Leonidas Hubbard's wife Mina makes her own trek through Labrador in 1905 to finish what her husband set out to do two years before.
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Back to the Labrador Wilds - Dillon Wallace
Dillon Wallace returns to the Susan River Valley in 1913 to erect a memorial to his dear friend Leonidas Hubbard.
Back to the Labrador Wilds

The Search for Hubbard's Rock - Rudy Mauro
Dillon Wallace III returns in 1973 to find the inscription by his father is recounted in this short but historic account. A photo gallery is included. 
Link is No longer available.

2003 Hubbard Memorial Centennial Expedition - Troy Gipps
Somebody had to do it and it was Troy Gipps, Brad Bassi, Caroline Scully and Jim Neidbalski that undertook this 650 mile 50 day trip. This is the first team to follow the ill-fated Hubbard route up the Susan River. This is a must read for those ardent followers of Leonidas Hubbard. Fabulous color pictures.
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Great Heart James West Davidson and John Rugge
This is a well researched book that gives parallel stories of the Mina Hubbard and Dillon Wallace Expeditions of 1905. They took the route Hubbard intended to take but still followed slightly different courses. The authors used the journals from the original voyagers including that of George Elson. This is a must read for followers of the Labrador stories.
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Letters To The Granddaughter Philip Schubert
Philip Schubert has spent years traveling and researching the mistaken route taken by the Hubbard expedition in their attempt to cross Labrador by canoe in 1903, the routes taken by the subsequent rival expeditions by Dillon Wallace and Mina Hubbard in 1905, and that of the final expedition by Wallace to Labrador in 1913. He provides pictures and maps with detailed reports on his travels in this unspoiled wilderness area. It is especially useful to those who have read the books on this subject listed above. The following is a link to the information on how to obtain Philip's book in printed as well as several e-reader formats.
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