Booth Lake
September 2007

Kermit holds the banner at the Booth Lake camp. Nobody provided an AA banner for him to hold this time. Maybe some other time.
This looks like Raccoon, Markus and Bo just taking it easy. It is rare to see Bo without either a guitar, fish or food in hand. Maybe that's food he is looking at.
Behind the canoe is the water cooler. I think that is Stainless retrieving  drinking water.
That's Bo with a Laker in hand.
That's Preacher looking at the fire with Marcus and Bo rehearsing some new score with Bo.
Stainless on the left and Markus on the right engaged in relaxation competition.
Amy and Preacher are listening to Bo working on a song.
It looks like Kermit's friend the Chipmunk has more important things on his mind.
Kermit waits for his new friend the Chipmunk.
Here is Barbara with hubby in the red shirt. It looks like Swedish Pimple behind Barbara. He seemed to stay out of the pictures. Who is that in the orange shirt?
Stainless looking clean and fresh after his sunshower. He cleans up better than we thought he would.
Looking out on Crotch Lake from Access Point #17 while eating lunch.
Canoes waiting to portage at Kitty Lake.