Head Lake Gathering
A group of paddlers fond of Algonquin Provincial Park planned a spring gathering to meet up on Head Lake in the park in the spring of 2012. My sister flew from her home in Florida to my home in Maryland from which we departed by automobile for Huntington, Ontario. I used to use my own 75 lb. ABS canoe for trips, but with our ever-increasing age and having a one mile portage ahead of us, I rented a lightweight (55 Lb.) Kevlar canoe from Algonquin Outfitters In Huntsville. We arrived about 5 PM and proceeded to the launch point on Cache Lake off Route 60 that traverses through the southern end of the park. 
Kermit packing up for the trip.
Where is Head Lake?
Cache Lake looking south from the Launch point.
Our refuge from the storm.
Recognizing our limitations and the long portage to Head Lake, some of the more gallant members of the group agreed to meet us at the portage from Cache Lake. As we paddled across Head Lake, we had some trouble locating the portage. A thunderstorm was approaching and it would soon be dark. Not wanting to be on the water in a thunderstorm I began looking for a place to take shelter. We spotted a dock leading to a summer cottage and proceeded in that direction. After landing we found the cottage was locked, but the boathouse was unlocked. We quickly moved our gear into the boathouse before the storm struck.
The boat house was very comfortable. We spread our sleeping bags on the cots and prepared our dinner with the camp burner conveniently on a table. When we left in the morning we removed all presence of our intrusion and left a note for the owners thanking them for the safety of their boat house. We never heard back from them.
Our helpers did not venture to come back looking for us in the morning. After locating the trail, we set out on a very grueling trip. Although it wasn’t really hot, the humidity made us miserable. 
We found the marker for the portage trail,1640 meters long.
These trees grow wherever God wills. They would never survive had we planted them here.
Docking at the campsite.
Looking out at Head Lake from camp.
Getting comfortable at our home away from home.
Ahh! Nothing like gathering around the campfire with friends and food.
Kermit hanging around camp watching for passing flies.
Wild Trillium
One of several pauses to refresh
Heading out on the portage to Head Lake
Dave and Peek bringing home fresh fish.
Dave and Amy
   (Left) Teresa, Mark (Stainless), Peek and Mark (Right)
No trip to the Canadian wilderness is complete without a Loon
We made a day trip from camp to explore and enjoy the beauty of nature.